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Default AR-15 .22-Which speed loader to use?


Does anyone here use a speed loader when they go to the range? I'm building an AR15 and will be using CMMG magazines, anyone have any experience with these mags and/or speed loaders?

Please post which one and your impressions. Where's the best place to purchase? I've watched a few video reviews on youtube but they dont mention whether or not they work with AR's?

So far from my search I've seen:

Mechanical loader
  1. Butler Creek speed loader
  2. Shooters Ridge speed loader
^Both on this link (Towards the bottom of the page.)

Manual loading
  1. Quick Strip
  2. Christie's Thumb loader

Now its not a huge deal to have one of these but if they work 99% of the time then it would be worth it. I live in CA so I'm limited to 10 rnd mags but don't want to waste time at the range while I could be shooting.

This is my first build/first gun so I may be way off base here, just looking for some information. I tried to make this as organized as I could so in the future when others search they will hopefully find what they need here. If you have anything that you would like to add you can PM me or just post it up here with link and I'll add it. TIA!
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