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At your service.

I'm armoured cav, live in San Jose and commute to Yerington NV for drill. If you're in SoCal, things get a little easier: There's a light cav unit in the San Diego area, San Bernadino should have an armoured cav platoon as well.
Just drive to Las Vegas for a full-on armoured cav squadron. (And home station drills in Vegas have a lot to say for themselves. Plus NVGuard has a lot more money for schools and such like.

It is a nice blend of dismount stuff, armoured stuff, and is a slightly different skillset to the infantryman. Slightly more emphasis on recon, slightly less on full-on, slugging-it-out infantry fights. (That said, we're currently mobilised configured as infantry). However, in CalGuard, at least, don't expect many 'cool' courses. They'll send you to airborne if you're in an airborne unit, etc, but California's money is just too tight for non-MOS-required courses. Part of the drug deal that enticed me to NV from my old CalGuard unit was that they would send me to resident schools, they had the money to spend.

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