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Default Cav Scout?

Hey guys,

I was wondering if anyone here is a current/former cav scout? I am getting a bit older(29) and for some reason I have this burning desire to serve in the military once again.(Was active airforce 6 years) I loved the air force, but I always found it a bit watered down, and easy.(Security Forces) I was interested in joining the army reserve or guard, and cav scout seemed like a great gig. You get the traditions of the army, and the armor/infantry side of things. I am interested in being airborne, and possibly attending air assault and some other special schools. I'm not doing it for the school money, or the "I have nothing better to do" reasons, I have a great job in the federal government now, but theres something just tugging on my heart strings urging me to give it one last shot. Any advice would be great, I want to be in the "thick" of things if you catch my drift, and even though I've looked at 11B and Cav Scouts, I am a bit undecided. Thanks again for input!
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