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In general BRRC does not allow any magnetic ammo. However, if the fire danger is low it is usually acceptable to shoot the HXP ammo out of the Garand on the 100 yard line (which has a clear dirt backstop). It is not a good idea and not usually acceptable to shoot ANY magnetic ammo on the longer lines, both because the backstops are not as clear and because getting to the 600 yard pit once you've realized you started a fire is going to take a while.

This also applies to solid copper ammo, not just magnetic. I have a pair of melted shoes from stomping a copper ammo fire out on the 200 yard line there in the summer, it spread fast and we got very lucky. There are no facilities up there, nor is there any reception. If you set a fire you can't put out then you have to drive 10 min away and call the fire department. Do you want to take that chance?
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