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Generally speaking, a police report will be released to only those directly involved with the incident or their insurance companies or attorneys (with appropriate releases).

For info on police activity, some dept have it available on-line via their websites. Local papers may comb through the weekly logs and print interesting entries or post on-line. It is amazing what papers put out as activity for the last week but miss more critical/exciting/public-maybe-interested-stuff.

You could also request the info (it would be very basic call log info) at the front desk during normal business hours. There maybe a printing fee. But remember if you don't have an address/time of the incident, it maybe more difficult to find the call in the log depending how busy that night was.

Just a note: if you see 3 black and whites flying down your street code 3, it could be a big nothing such as an over reacting neighbor claiming something is bigger than it is. Medical aid in the area. Driving through the area to get to a "real something" a mile away. You get the idea.
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