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There are 2 parts that Tim has that I absolutely love. His front end plug and the steroid lever. Both are rock solid, should I say steel solid. I've managed to get power up to 18.39 FPE on the cartridge 392 and C9A with only 8 pumps. So I don't need the steroid lever as I'm not over pumping like his steroid rifles need (14pumps)to get max power. Regardless, his lever is very nice!! It really adds heft to the rifle. For my keeper rifles I'll get his steroid plug. It's a well made solid piece.
So here are some pics of the lever. I lined up rifles that you have so you can get an idea of what you need to do. All the holes are at the same distance apart regardless of model. The left rifle is a 392pa. The middle is a 392P with the steroid lever. Right is a C9A.

Notice the middle lever is solid as oppose to the other being hollow.

Steroid lever

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