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Default Crosman C9A

Hello Air Gun shooters & Merry Christmas. I picked up a an older .20 Air rifle, and I'm not overly familiar with them. It was in a local thrift store with a price tag of $49.00! As I was looking it over, a couple of other male customers wandered over to me, and expressed interest if I wasn't going to buy it. I snatched it immediately without even a good inspection. It seems solid. I believe it's a discontinued Benjamin-Sheridan. It was a bit stiff and dry, and the bolt didn't want to move at all. I applied some Pellgun-oil to the pump linkage and bolt. It holds air, and seems to shoot hard. (I don't have any .20 pellets, so that's why I wrote that "seems" to shoot hard.) The original rear sight is still attached, and judging by the various screws, it appears that it has never been taken apart or "opened up". There's no evidence of a scope having been mounted. Basically, it seems solid with just a bit of honest wear. Naturally, I was unable to locate .20 caliber pellets at WalMart or Big-5 (but I checked anyway).

So here are my questions for anyone knowledgeable about the Benjamin-Sheridan rifles. First, the pump handle seems to be a little bit out of alignment with the stock. Is there a simple fix for this? Second, the wood stock looks very different when compared to my Benjamin 392. On the other hand, it appears much lighter compared to my other Walnut stocked guns. Is this a Walnut stock? Lastly, what part of the serial number will tell me the year of manufacture? Thanks in advance for any information.
UPDATE: There's actually a bit of black paint still inside the last half-inch end of the barrel. I think I'll remove that now.
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