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Default Modified Practical

OK, I don't post here often. Spend most of my spare time over at TBF -- been hooked on Berettas the past few years. BUT, the second pistol I bought after Bill Clinton renewed my interest in shooting back in 1994 was this H-P Practical.

It went to Novak's last year for a modest upgrade: trigger job (but I kept the mag safety -- after all, I do live in CA), crowned barrel, Novak's strong-side thumb safety, Cylinder & Slide wide trigger with FN hammer and all the small parts done in matte blue. Oh, and some night sights from Trijicon.

I've thought about selling this pistol numerous times over the last 16 years but have never been able to do it. The number one reason is that from the first shot in 1994 to now it has NEVER had a single failure of any kind. That and it feels great in my hand. Here's a pic I took after it came back from Novak's.

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