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Default Am I Legal?

- Or maybe the Q should be, "If I'm illegal, how illegal am I??"

First post on this great Forum. I've read and/or scanned this thread pretty carefully, not sure if this is the right place for this query, but seems it should be at least close.

Lifetime trained shooter here, NRA, NAGR, GOA, etc. Many guns, brand spankin' new to AR's. Somehow, in my months of research prior to placing my configured and option-selected order for a Rock River Elite Comp, I had not heard of Shame on me!

My first exposure to Calguns was on the day I picked up my RRA LAR-15 Elite Comp from my FFL last week. I took it to a local Tactical (AR, AK, shotgun, etc.) shop I had just discovered that day. I was looking for a few supplies, tools, Big Latch, rail covers, etc.

The proprietor took one look at my carbine, remarked that since it's a RRA upper on a RRA lower, it's an ILLEGAL weapon. He took a quick look around to see if there were any LEO's in the shop, and immediately knocked out the pivot pin, handing it back to me and advising me to never enter his shop again with it assembled, because it's a felony, and having it on site is a risk to his business.

Hm. My FFL had indicated that bringing this carbine into CA would be legal as long as it had the bullet button conversion, which was done by the out of state dealer he works with. I explained my understanding based on what I had been informed by my FFL. His response was that FFLs don't necessarily know the law. He does, and I'm in violation of State law.

For clarity, this is what I now have in my possession:

His suggestion to me was either replace the upper, or start over with a new lower. He printed out and handed me the current CALGUNS CA Centerfire, Semi-Auto, Rifle ID flow chart, which resembled several others I had previously seen, but had not attempted to decipher, since I had the assurance of several other Pro's in addition to my FFL that my carbine would be legal with the bullet button conversion. SURE ENOUGH -- it lists, "Rock River Arms, Inc.: Standard A-4 Flattop" in Appendix B.

So now the Q is this: Can any of you CA Law experts confirm or refute the legal status of this carbine in CA? Any knowledgeable, rational, fact-based takes on the pickle I seem to've got myself into here?

Any appropriate supporting links, etc. most welcome!!

Pls reply ASAP, I'm scheduled for a day with some Pals at the range on Saturday and don't want to end the day with a lawyer, a fine, harassment, or the slammer!

-- One formerly law-abiding, but now be-FUDDLED (as in full of FUD) new AR owner, and apparently potential new unconvicted felon

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