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Originally Posted by AQtahoe View Post
I may be new here but this threat actually rather irritated me. "Don't talk to the police"? Police hate, or the belief that police are ignorant is stupid. Flat out, STUPID. Every LEO, LEI, LEA that I have talked to knows what they are dealing with, they know all about the legalities of AR-15 modifications to ensure California Legality. Granted my experience rests only with Federal LE based in California. Either way believe it or not I know many police officers who are PRO personal protection, PRO personal CARRY, and very well educated on gun laws. The arrests come from gun safety issues or questionable conversions and modifications.
I don't think anyone here is hating on police. I respect and the job they have to do, but no one can expect them to know every single piece of the law, and be able to interpret it. They are not lawyers.

As far as "Don't Talk to Police", please watch this video (which has been posted in here already).

There are many documented cases where innocent, law-abiding citizens were unlawfully arrested. If they had simply kept their mouth shut they could have avoided this.