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Originally Posted by neuron View Post
Here's a question I'd like some help with. I have an M&P 15 ORC. S&W ships these to CA with a fixed stock (and it is fixed at the shortest position). I like everything about this gun. It is a tack-driver right out of the box, with Troy folding battle sights and quad carbine battle rail added after purchase. But I don't like the fixed stock. Can I legally upgrade to a collapsible stock? I don't know why S&W did this for their CA shipments. The dealer I bought the M&P had a Remington AR (with classic pistol grip AND a collapsible stock) but I preferred to get the M&P.
I was not aware tht S&W was selling directly to CA FFLs. I would guess that they are going through a middleman who is not completely up to speed on all the regs and might think that even with a BB (I assume it came with a BB installed and wasn't shipped disassembled) that it needs a fixed stock.

As long as it does not ahve a detachable magazine, a collapsable stock is not prohibited.

Do you want an AOW or C&R SBS/SBR in CA?

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