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Hi, this thread is very relevant to what I'm experiencing. I finally took the plunge into pistol red dots recently with an RM06 on a Jagerwerks milled G17. After shooting it for a few months with perfectly cowitnessed Trijicon suppressor height irons, in what appears to be the most popular configuration - I definitely now want to get the irons out of my field of view as much as possible. After just a bit of dryfire and methodical range training I find the single plane, target focus approach of the RMR to be an advantage across the board and I've experienced very little issues with finding the dot on presentation. My times on all drills are same or quicker as with irons.

As such, the more I shoot the setup, the more I find my cowitnessed irons to just be a distraction. I'd prefer to find a rear sight that is just barely tall enough to be seen over the RMR, even lower than 1/3 height, if possible. I'm actually considering to just leave the rear sight off completely - for backup purposes its actually pretty reasonable to just center front sight in the RMR frame and get solid A zone hits out to 10y no problem.

Question: what height rear sight are folks running to achieve lower 1/3 witness on Glock 17/19s with RMRs? (Milled slides, not MOS).


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