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Originally Posted by tn510 View Post
So ima just ask to clarify this to my buddy

so my friend is stationed out in Georgia as he is in the air force...

He can buy a gun that is off roster like a glock 42 from a FFL and have it sent to an FFL here in Cali and I can pick it up after 10day wait and fees etc?

He cannot legally bring the gun back into California and do a PPT at an FFL?

The only way to get a glock 42 from him is...
1) first have it SSE
2) send from a FFL in Georgia to my FFL
3) pay fees and wait to pick up
4) have SSE reversed
5) success?
That's about as complicated as you could make this ...

Presuming your AF friend is in GA on PCS (permanent change of station) orders, he is a resident of GA for gun buying purposes, and he may buy anything GA says is legal to sell to him.

Let's go with 'he has PCS orders to GA'.

IF he is legal to buy a handgun out of state, THEN he could indeed buy an off-Roster handgun, and have it converted SSE.

Converted, it is exempt from the CA Roster. It seems unlikely that an out of state gunsmith or whatever would know how to do the conversion, but that's a detail; there's also some reasonable suggestion that the work needs to be done by an 07 (manufacturer) FFL.

- All this takes place outside CA. -

So - if he IS a resident of GA, he can't do a PPT in CA, because PPT is for 2 parties with CA ID; he may have that, but if he is not a CA resident for gun purposes - no PCS orders here - he is a resident someplace else; that makes the transfer an 'interstate transfer'. Functionally that means a higher fee, not the CA PPT fee, and the Roster would apply - but the gun in question would be Roster-exempt.

An interstate transfer, someplace to CA, of an off-Roster handgun gift is fine. A sale might be fine but at this point in the story it looks quite like you are asking your friend to buy for you - which brings up 'straw purchase' issues.

We are NOT going to get into straw purchase in this thread,
or any other thread, until the Supreme Court rules on
the case on that point this session. Search the Litigation Forum for the case and its locked thread.

The interstate transfer of a Roster-exempt handgun may occur by having it shipped to, or personally brought to, a well-informed California FFL. If that exempt handgun is SSE, it is legal to smith it back into non SSE condition.

This suggestion is about 5X messier than a normal situation.
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I've been saying that for years ...

There is no value at all complaining or analyzing or reading tea leaves to decide what these bills really mean or actually do; any bill with a chance to pass will be bad for gun owners.

The details only count after the Governor signs the bills.

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