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ATTENTION: New builders read 69Mach1's tutorial for AK build parties here BEFORE you sign up:

How to lock folding butt stocks:

Question: I am interested in attending the build party but I dont have a clue about AK's what is a rough estimate of the cost to build one?
CA Compliant AK Rifle parts list and *approximate cost:

Romanian G original barrel, matching #s PARTS KIT $329-$399

AK47 7.62 Flat With Trunnion Holes Top Rail Bent, Stepped & Trimmed $20
(US made 922r 1 part) (Recommended Qty. 2)

AKM Fixed Stock Rivet Set $9 (Recommended Qty. 2)

AK Center Support for 1mm Receivers $7

Red Star Arms FCG Pin Retaining Plate $5

Tapco G2 Single Hook Trigger (US made 922r 3 parts) $30

Slant Brake (US made 922r 1 part) $12

Tapco Standard AK Pistol Grip (US made 922r 1 part) $10

Mag Lock $38 (CA compliance part)

10 Round AK47 Mag $22 (CA compliance part)

AK Rifle total= about $550-$600*
CA Compliant AK Pistol parts list and *approximate cost:

AK pistol* Single Shot compliance info: Pistol has to have a minimum 6" barrel *Note when building an AK Pistol Federal 922r does NOT apply.

Once an AK Pistol is built as a COMPLETE single shot pistol, you can later modify it to a 10 round semi-auto at anytime by using 10 round mags. NO forward pistol grip on AK pistols.

AMD-65 original barrel, matching #s PARTS KIT $300-$399

Standard AK Flat Fixed Stock Top Rail Bent, Stepped & Trimmed $20 (Recommended Qty. 2)

AKM Fixed Stock Rivet Set $9 (Recommended Qty. 2)

AK Center Support for 1mm Receivers $7

Red Star Arms FCG Pin Retaining Plate $5

Tapco G2 Single Hook Trigger $30

Slant Brake $12

Pistol Trunnion $45

Mag Lock $38

ZERO round mag (Make or borrow one.) ~$20

AK Pistol total= about $490-590*
Parts kits for AK rifles (Romanian G) or AK pistols (AMD-65):

AK rifle Federal 922r compliance info:

Originally Posted by 69Mach1 View Post

Federal 922r compliance.

A stamped AKM has 16 listed parts in it for 922r. The Fed's want you to limit those parts to just 10 foreign ones to be legal. The parts only add up when everything is attached, including the magazine. Replace some of them with quality US made parts.

1. Receiver
2. Barrel
3. Front Trunnion
4. Bolt
5. Bolt Carrier
6. Gas Piston
7. Trigger (fire control group)
8. Hammer (fire control group)
9. Disconnector (fire control group)
10. Buttstock
11. Handguard (upper and lower counts as 1)
12. Pistol Grip
13. Magazine Body
14. Magazine Floorplate
15. Magazine Follower
16. Muzzle Device (Muzzle Brake or Flash Hider that's not welded on)
WARNING: Regarding the bad fire control group parts.
PLEASE discard them from your kit if it included them.


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