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Originally Posted by goodlookin1 View Post
Revelations was funky. All the characters looked different. Desmond looked black! Also, it was rendered differently or something because it needed some serious anti-aliasing or something. Jagged edges throughout the game. It needed a light blurring or something. And (SPOILER ALERT) come on.....killing off the only hot chick in the game? Really, what were they thinking? LOL.

Still good, but definitely my least favorite of the series so far.
Well I am just excited cause they will be in the US Rev, might be harder though with everyone having guns(i know the last ones did but not that many guards).
I got a big list of already released games and games not out yet I want.... Buying guns got in the way of that haha
RIP Mike "Blitzburgh".

I will always miss you.
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