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Originally Posted by five.five-six View Post
The closest it comes are people like Harry Reid who would put a AW ban on the floor in a heartbeat if he didn't think it would put him in an unemployment line next election.

I lived in Nevada for a couple years. You can bet your *** and your guns that Reid will bring this back in full force in 2014 if they retake the house and gain in the senate.

If that happens it will be the so called Pro-Gun Democrats that will be responsible yet again. These are the same people that said Obama won't take your guns because he said he would not in a campaign promise. They will also sight the fact that he did noting in his first term against guns and therefore used that to vote for him again. Despite many of us telling them that he was anti-gun and would go after guns in his second term, they laughed us to scorn, calling us fools. It turns out that they were the fools.

Sad to say but these so called pro-gun dems are so easily deceived they don't deserve to vote. The other option is gay rights, environmental concerns or free money, etc, override their so called second amendment loyalty. Thus, they really care little for gun rights, despite their claims otherwise.
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