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Originally Posted by 1859sharps View Post
In my opinion, the issue isn't people voting Democrat...period. that is oversimplification. oversimplification IS the problem.

Yes, many (most even) Democrats at the state and federal level do seem to support gun control. BUT Democrat does NOT automatically mean anti gun.

Yes, many (even most) Republicans at the state and federal level do NOT support gun control. BUT Republican does NOT automatically mean pro gun.

99% of the time I vote single issue, PRO GUN. I find this is VERY safe to do because Republican or Democrat, I find that a PRO gun candidate often lines up with or is close enough to earn my vote on my "secondary issues". But if I have to choose between PRO gun and my "secondary issues", I always go Pro gun. without the 2nd and my right to own guns, at some point the rest of the issues become very irrelevant.

Gun owners need to STOP thinking in overly simplistic terms. i have seen people on here argue to support a anti gun Republican simply because they are Republican and because "by god those "evil" democrats won't get my vote". And so they are willing to reward an anti gun Republican simply because they can't bring them self to vote someone else. This is as short sighted and "suicidal" for gun rights as continually supporting a democrat for the same reason or because they give lip service to another issue you care for, but is SAFE. example, abortion.

NO gun owner in my opinion should be choosing a candidate based on their voiced support for one side of the issue or the other. There is NO way abortion is going to become illegal again. So, don't throw your vote away on a "non issue". I get there are moral/religious beliefs people may feel the need "to be true to"...but the TRUTH, the FACT of the matter is you can believe all you want that abortion is wrong, that it should be illegal. the reality is YOU ARE NOT going to get your way. If you believe abortion should be legal...STOP worrying that the other side is going to change things....they can't. They don't have the momentum to do anything but make noise that is currently mostly ignored. In the mean time spending your vote on abortion over gun rights...plain stupid.

Abortion is just ONE example. there are other "secondary issues" that making a choice of who to support over their stance on gun control on is a WASTED vote.

We NEED to be smart. IF the rare PRO gun Democrat comes along WE NEED to support them. IF the rare anti gun Republican comes along, we need to MAKE SURE they don't get into office or are voted out.

To win, we need to spend our votes SMARTER than we are and stop over simplifying things.

Yes, Democrats tend to more often be anti gun, BUT some of the worst set backs we have had actually came from the Republicans. voting blindly Republican is STUPID.

SO....PLEASE, PLEASE STOP viewing success as only happening by supporting a single party. this is suicide. we need to support individuals (almost) regardless of which party they come from that support Freedom, Liberty, and Civil Rights, particularly GUN RIGHTS.

There is truly no "pro gun party"...but there are pro gun candidates.

Not that I should have to say this, but for the record, I am NOT a registered Democrat. I think I have actually voted Democrat so few times you can count on one hand and still have a finger or two left. No, rather I have learned my lesson by paying attention to history. I used to think it was as simply as just voting Republican. BUT I paid attention and learned that I can get "burned" by a Republican just as badly as a Democrat. So, I choose based first and foremost on the candidates stance on gun control or their voting history.

Lest we forget....

Regan screwed up our carry laws
Nixon wanted to ban handguns
deukmejian signed the 89 California AWB
Bush sr band some semi auto rifle imports
bush jr said he would sign a awb ban
Arnold....I think we all remember him

we choose to ignore the damage by Republicans, and focus on people being simply Democrat... this is stupid and short sighted. we are better than this, smarter...lets start acting like it.
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I am humbled at the efforts of so many Patriots on this and other forums, CGN, CGF, SAF, NRA, CRPF, MDS etc. etc. I am lucky to be living in an era of a new awakening of the American Spirit; One that embraces it's Constitutional History, and it's Founding Fathers vision, especially in an age of such uncertainty that we are now in.
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