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Please someone clear my headache.

I have a C&R for 7 years, I plan on going to AZ to JGSales and buy a C&R pistol. Bring it back myself by method of highways. From my research, yes I may and upon return, I'd declare possession via form BCIA 4100A within 5days. Heck I'd even pre-fill it beforehand.

Here's the complication, I have been researching over a week. Most of the results on here are over 2 years old. Internet sites give conflicting info (or their members?) I even called the DOJ for clarification and the gentleman told me I also needed a COE. Uhhh, isn't this only for transaction IN-State? My FFL 03 allows me to legally buy anywhere in the other 49 states, so long as it complies with their local laws etc. I have known that the DOJ is not a reliable source because they don't enforce the law and probably not familiar with Federal laws or C&R License.

Upon return, this is where CA laws kick in. Can someone please give me a solid and answer and perhaps a reference to the CA law?

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