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Originally Posted by Merc1138 View Post
Yup, because CCW's are free and everyone can get a CCW without any trouble in CA(out of state permits still aren't free, and pretty useless unless you find yourself traveling to those states at least once in a while).

So yeah, that's asking people to spend more cash. But like I said, if that's how they want to run their business then so be it. At least it's not somehow requiring all training to involve background checks.
I see accepting the CCW as an accommodation rather than a request to spend more money. What they are saying is, if you already have one just send us a copy and we'll accept it in place of other documentation.

That is what I sent them. It was merely a matter of scanning it and e-mailing it.

Also while a CCW isn't free, it isn't a lot (especially out of state ones) when you are already spending $1500 for tuition + hotel(x6) + lunch (X5) + dinner (x6) + travel (gas or airfare) + ammunition (1200 + 50rds)
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