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I posted this on


Major items: CASH, Katadyn Hiker Pro, Hand Axe, Large Roll Duct Tape, Large "Survial" Knife, medium cheap fixed blade knife, medium cheap folding knife, cheap "leatherman" type tool, Buck Knife #119, Mirror, Multi-Head Screwdriver, Heavy String, 200' polypropylene rope, Light Sticks, Fishing Rod(collapsable) & Reel, 16 oz. Hydrogen Peroxide, 16 oz Rubbing Alcohol, towels, bar soap, Nitrile Gloves, fire sticks.

Small "Fishing Tackle" Box: Hooks, weights, simple stuff

Small "Fire" box: matches, compass/whistle/magnifing glass, waterproof matches, lighters, magnesium fire starter, sharpening stone, sm utility knife, D hooks, sewing kit

Medium Box: Fishing Line Spools 30 lbs and 6 lbs test, ALL types of glues, JB Weld

Medium Box: Scissors, Sporks, tape measure, Ace Bandages, needles, tooth brushes and paste, cloret gum, sm manicure set

Small Box: small pliers, large utility knife w/ xtra blades, needle nose/cutter pliers, hemostats

Large Box "Medicine Cabinet": various bandages, gauze, medical tape, 500 ct aspirin, 200 ct tylenol, 200 ct advil, 100 ct benedryl, anti fungal cream, anti itch cream, anti bacterial cream, oral analgesic gel

500 rounds 22 cal
100 rounds 40 cal
100 rounds 223

All boxes fit into the duffle bag as separate "compartments". The "small boxes" are a little larger than a sandwich box. Medium boxes about 2x the size as the small, Large box about 3-4x's larger than the small box. All boxes are labled with the contents for quick location. The smaller boxes inside the larger duffle bag make organization much easier.

The "cheap" knives are decent knifes (non name brand) brand new and sharp. The cheap "leather man" type tool is from Wal Mart...decent not great. Ammo would be "extra" above and beyond of what would be in already existing magazines and ammo belts.

Guns supported would be a Marlin 700 (22 cal), Glock 23 and 27 (40 cal), AR15 (223).

The pack is fairly heavy 50 lbs? But most likely I would be "living" out of my truck for a while then be on foot.

THIS IS JUST A START AND WILL BE EVER CHANGING. Items that have a shelf life will be changed out. I will add and subtract items as I think of new things while I camp and hunt in the future. I need to add another good flashlight like a Sure Fire with xtra batteries, plus an ink pen and sharpy paper. Toilet paper? These are things I thought of while typing.

I spent about $200-$250 on this with $60 of it for the Katadyn water filter and $30 for the Buck Knife, but I felt these were a premium...I did NOT count the ammo towards the price...I don't know why? All items were purchased at Wal Mart, Big 5 Sporting Goods, Harbor Freight Tools, and the 99 cent Store. Price was a consideration on all items, because the bag might never be used, so non brand name items were used and I shopped at discount stores. One could spend MUCH MORE!

This bags' purpose is if I grab this along with the guns and a couple of other small items I can leave in under 5 minutes and have just about all I need for a while.

Hope this helps, comments and additions would help all. We are only one Earthquake (I live in So Cal), Hurricane, Tornado, (who knows what else) away from relying on this bag.

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