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Do you and your wife wear glasses or contacts? Make sure you have spares.

I am not sure how bad you plan on things getting but you may want to include potassium iodide pills to help block the absorption of radiation in case of a dirty bomb scenario.

A red wagon will also help anyone out there with kids or lots of equipment. They sell these at every toy store. If the kids get tired you can throw them in there as well. If you get one big enough you could probably throw the wife in there if she is tired or injured.

Large Chalk may also be useful for signaling such as writing SOS on buildings or simply marking certain areas.

Immodium AD or other anti diarrhea product. You don't want to be indisposed due to bad water or whatever when you should be on foot.

Mouth guard for the med kit. Small and useful if you have to do anything painful to someone such as setting a broken bone.

When stocking up on anti-biotics and medications also take into account allergies. You may need to add an epi-pen to the med kit.

If you need to wear a brace for any reason especially a knee brace, include it. You may have to do a lot of walking.

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