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just went through my initial this past wednesday. i searched and got that date about a month ago when they released a bunch of new dates. i didn't think i was going to get one as i never got the e-mail that they released the dates, but got an e-mail stating that all the new dates were now booked.

got home after work that night to check, just for S's and G's and scored one about a month later, this past Wednesday.

as you all know, this past Wednesday's weather was HORRID! first day of the new weather cell rolling through NorCal and that had EVERYONE driving horribly and extremely nervously. I-5 is normally rolling decently smoothly, however, it was almost locked all the way to Pocket/Florin. coming from the 99 side of Elk Grove, it took me damn near 30 minutes to even get to the 5!

i left at 730, maybe a little earlier, appt was at 815, and i didn't get to the Sheriff's dept until about 850. VERY disappointed, to say the least. checked in with the front counter, they said they would check to see if they could squeeze me in, and LUCKILY they were! i apologized profusely to everyone i came in contact with, and thanked them all for squeezing me in. at the same time, i guess i missed the big accident at the J street exit by about 15 minutes or so. the jack-knifed 18-wheeler that completely shut the 5 down for a while.

like most have said, the initial interview is pretty smooth. reserve Sheriff gets all the paperwork in order, asks those questions on the application, witnesses all the signatures, etc. go to the waiting room, wait for about 5 minutes, a detective comes and gets you, and you go through a similar interview, asks similar questions, and slightly more in depth. i have a clean record (luckily), so my process went through quite smoothly.

i asked the detective if they had a list of approved CCW training courses, but he said as long as it's at least 16hrs long and is approved for CA, it'll work. however, i've noticed that some instructors won't allow you to take the course if they're not approved for your county (i.e. not approved for Sac County). does anyone know who's right here? i asked the detective and he said that as long as it's CA approved and 16hrs, it'll work.

anyway, as far as proofs of residency, CC statement, bank statements, and cell phone bills work. protect yourself and your family is still a good cause for applying. if you forget to bring your statement/letter of cause to apply for a CCW, the guys at the front desk just hand you a piece of paper, pen, and tell you to write something. they say if you don't finish before they call you in, just finish it with the sheriff. they were pretty much coaching one guy that didn't know he had to have it on what to write without actually telling him what to write, as i'm sure they cannot legally do that.
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