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Originally Posted by Gray Peterson View Post
Has nothing at all to do with a federal judge, it's more of a state law question than anything else at this point. I understand that the application itself has three references inside of it, but why should the sheriff be able to force YOU to do the leg work of getting the letters when they get paid the $20 to process your app for good cause? This was discussed in great detail in Connecticut, where they have "proper cause" and moral character provisions as well. Their BFPE (Board of Firearms Permit Examiners) went into great detail as to why "Character Reference" letters were worthless because you would self select the people you trust the most to write you a reference letter.

If you're employer is not included in the good cause (such as doing executive protection work), or it's one of the 90 day temporary CCW's, why would a letter from an employer have anything to do with your good cause or good moral character? Do you realize that even bringing up guns in the workplace can result in a job termination because of the bare fear that the employee *might* carry a gun or have the legal capability of doing so? My company, for example, absolutely FORBIDS any supervisors or management from writing a letter in the form that you talk about.

These are more logistics questions rather than legal questions. I may question their ability to do so under state law, but even if it was legal, it seems like a bit of a dodge and a logistics nightmare, and the character reference letter requirements has been abused in the forms of requirements that the people be from within the county, or in an extreme case (Imperial County), required to be from a certain class of people.

It's also slightly off topic for this thread (sorry Untamed) as Sacramento does not require letters of character reference.
What other states do is not relevant to this discussion. Why waste time and resources on minutia? I do not care if it is a state or Federal issue, an attorney would not waste their time on it nor would a Judge be amused to have it as an issue in their court.

Let it go my friend. All the department has to do is explain it is necessary for the investigative process and your are out the door. Been doing CCW issues for over 25 years and I have real world, practical experience, not armchair theory. In simple words, I know what works and I know what are foolish wastes of time and resources. 'A man's got to know their limitations' Dirty Harry Calahan
This Brave will not address this matter further.

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