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Default Off-List Pistols from Buds Gun Shop

Originally Posted by tuna quesadilla View Post
Anyone have experience buying off-roster guns from Bud's Gun Shop?
I attempted to buy a Sig P226 X5 Tactical from them, however, they were extremely unhelpful. I talked to Valkyrie Arms prior to ordering from Buds, and they confirmed that they could do the conversion on that Sig, and that Buds ships off-list pistols to them.

After I put in the order at Buds, they put the order on hold, saying that they would not ship off-list pistols to CA. I spoke to customer service, explained that Valkyrie has an 07 FFL, and that they could receive the pistol with no problem. I also explained that they do single shot conversions for roster exemption. The customer service rep said that was fine, and they would transfer me to sales so I could explain to them. The person I discussed it with didn't want to hear it, and insisted it was illegal to even ship the gun to CA, and cancelled my order.

I spoke to Valkyrie again, and they were surprised I'd had this experience, because they had received a shipment of off-list pistols from Buds just that week. They told me they would attempt to contact Buds about my case. However, due to the difference in normal operating hours, they had difficulty getting in touch with them.

I opted to try ordering again with Buds, the difference this time was that I didn't add anything in the comments section about single shot conversions or off-list pistols, hoping they would just send it without any fuss this time.

This time, it was flagged because it shipped with a "hi cap magazine". I spoke to customer service, and explain that it was legal to ship a pistol with a hi cap magazine to an 07 FFL, and that the FFL simply wouldn't give me the mag. They insisted that it was illegal to even ship the gun with the mag to CA. So I requested they simply remove the mag and send the pistol. They said they couldn't do that (but didn't really provide any explanation why). The rep told me to email Brandon to discuss the issue with him, so I did, and got an automated reply which said the expected response time would be within 48 hours.

However, before that amount of time had passed, another rep had updated the order to say that they couldn't ship it to CA with hi cap mags, and to choose a model that came with a different mag (although it's an off-list pistol, there's no 10 rd mag version), and cancelled the order.

I'm hoping Brandon replies and is able to resolve the situation, but given my experience with Buds so far, I find it unlikely that that will happen.

I do not recommend trying to order off-list pistols from Buds, it seems to be quite the hassle.
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