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Default CaPRC longrange shoot Saturday May 22nd

Come on out and join us for our "long range day" on Saturday May 22nd.
We will spend the day past 400yds on steel plates from prone.
You should already have a good 100yd zero and an idea of your come-ups to 1000yds.

We meet-up at a park-and-ride in Newhall and carpool out to the range.
The address is 23628 Newhall Ave.
Please note that Newhall Ave used to be called San Fernando Road.
Outdated online mapping and in-car navigation systems still show San Fernando Road, but the sign on the freeway now says Newhall Ave.
There are multiple park-and-rides on Newhall Ave so make sure you arrive at the correct one which is just over 1/2 a mile west of the 14fwy on the north side of the street.

If you plan to attend and you are coming from the south, please arrive at the Newhall park & ride between 7:30am and 7:45am on the morning of the shoot.
We will work out the carpool situation at that time.
We roll out as a caravan at 8:00 sharp and don't wait for late people.
It's about an hour's drive to the shooting location.

Trucks and SUV's are preferred for navigating the 1000yds or so of dirt roads once we arrive at the shooting location.
In the past, passenger cars have made it up the road, but many people are not comfortable on the dirt roads in a car due to the conditions of the dirt roads.
In this case, cars can park just off the asphalt and we will shuttle you up to the shooting position as required.

If you live north of the greater LA area, please PM me for directions on where to meet up with us on the way to the shooting spot.
We should be arriving at the shooting spot right around 9am.

Some things to bring:
Precision rifle wearing a scope with target knobs, eye/ear protection, sunscreen, chamber flag, 60 rounds of match quality ammo, printout from a ballistics program showing your bullet drop in moa or mils as appropriate to your scope, shooting mat or blanket, bipod, some kind of rear bag or sand sock, small notepad to take notes, pencil or pen, laser rangefinder, food & water for 6 hours, backpack or bag to carry everything.
Bring what you have, don't worry too much about what you don't have.
We always make do with what we have.

This is a Precision Rifle event so if the gun/scope/ammo is not capable of shooting tight groups, it will detract from your overall experience at the shoot.
Please have your rifle zeroed at 100yds and your knobs set to zero.
If you need help with this, we can do it at the shoot, but it takes a lot of time that is better spent putting rounds on targets much further away than 100yds.

Semi-autos are welcome as long as they have brass catchers or the shooter employs some other method to eliminate hot flying brass.

A view of the targets from the firing line:

We will be out in the high desert so dress accordingly including a hat and hiking boots as we will sometimes be moving around on steep terrain.
Weather should be somewhere between 30 and 110 degrees.

Some cell phones will work at the shooting spot and we have had 3g service in the past.

Please RSVP in this thread by the Friday before the shoot if you plan to attend:

We need to get an accurate head count of how many to expect.
Non-shooters are welcome of course and you will still learn a bunch even if you are not shooting.
When you RSVP, please make a note to whether you need a ride or if you can give someone a ride that does not have a truck or SUV to make it up the dirt roads.

A $20 donation to the club helps us buy more targets and supplies.
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