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Originally Posted by Iknownot View Post
I hold a revolver just like I do a semi auto. Support hand wrapped over strong hand, web of strong hand at top of the back strap, and thumbs parallel or one slightly over the other (depends on size of grip).

The only thing you really have to make sure you are not doing with a revolver is putting any part of your hand at or forwards of the front cylinder gap (and why you would do this, besides as a mistake, I don't know).

Other than that, why would you hold it any differently than any other handgun?
Winner!!! Also, if you have largish hands you'll want to get a set of grips that cover the backstrap to increase the distance between your hand and trigger to get the pad of your finger onto the tripper. I like Nill grips for this, Jordan style grips work well also, though they are even bigger than the nills (second pic)

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