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Originally Posted by Wherryj View Post
Will gun shows have a problem complying with 962? I thought that the issue was going to be that internet sales meant difficulty proving that the person buying and the person receiving were who they purported to be?

A gun show transaction is still a face to face sale. It shouldn't be that difficult to get a fingerprint scanner and record book for these transactions. I'd assume that CA gun shows might be good to go after Feb?
I am sure gun shows in CA will have issues since its a CA only law as i understand it. So a drive out of state for ammo purchases should be fine.

i personally wont be making ammo purchases with the new law and finger print. i dont need the FUDS knocking on my door cause some caliber i bought was used in a crime! its BS law i think designed to eventually wipe out gun and ammo sales in CA. IMO