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Originally Posted by jwest View Post
This is in another thread - but I wanted to post here:

Called Dillon and had a good chat with one of the help line guys. Dillon will not ship any reloading components nor ammunition to California until all of the nuances regarding AB 962 are understood. He said vendors are nervous that due to the litigious reputation California has; they will not take any chances. My remark to that was if Dillon was sued by the State Attorney General of CA - there would be a ground swell of support for Dillon and hopefully common sense will prevail regarding AB 962. There you go. The rest of the country is of the opinion this is yet another litigious quagmire created by the State of Califoria. Instead of dealing with criminals correcty; laws are made to turn citizens into criminals.

Something I forgot as well - it was also mentioned that if CA Attny Gen sued an out-of-state company, there is fear the Fed will get involved and allegedly the belief is the Fed has a lot of funds to burn through to fight the issue - and that is what really has vendors scared.
According to Dillon at 8:05 am PST today Dillon will no longer ship the following after Jan 31, 2011

Loaded ammunition
Bullets (projectiles)
Speed loaders
Clips to hold ammo.

They WILL continue to ship

Reloading machines and accessories
Anything else not mentioned in "Will not ship"

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