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Well great. Me and my dog are likely screwwed. They'll shoot the pooch and I'll fire back thinking it has in fact hit the fan then I'll die and after that my family will get a lovely form letter apologizing, some media event will go on about how the department members "hearts go out to the victim (me) and his family" and that'll be that.

Ah well. All men know their doom, just not the hour. I suppose adding the method doesn't change much.
So I was driving home from the range and I noticed that the scent of warm steel, burnt gunpowder and lukewarm coffee combined and smelled oddly of... Peanut butter?! Man, the Hoppe's is going to my head.

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Rose, you're sick dude
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I like to call us the "Nighttime association of Law abiding and moral fellows"
Or NALAMF for short.
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What do you consider long range?
Take half of a binocular, tape it to your rifle.
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