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I attended a CCW class (16hour two day) with Wes at the Sac Valley Shooting Center. He was Professional, Safe and knowledgeable.

I would recommend to anyone. His class cost more for a reason, I think it is worth it to pay for his level of trraining. The state requirement is the lowest level of ability. He will remind you how important training is. He will explain your responsibilities as a CCW holder. He will also make it very clear this is not a joke, this not a movie. be prepared for the **** storm if you have to engage someone with your CCW. Make sure the decision is the right one.

Range time was safe safe safe and fun. After my qualification I was still able to throw soem rounds down range while others were qualifying. One guy was not safe, he was no longer firing. Wes handled the situataion professionally and immediately.

If you want a Bulls$%# class take someone else if you want to feel more competent in your undertanding regarding your CCW take Wes's class.

He uses the computer with projector to pull up the DOJ website and actually site the law. You get to see it in black and white. I felt really comfortable seeing the statutes compared to somebody trying to quote them. He then provided the links for this information.

Thanks Again Wes, Good Game.....

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