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Default Public Education is key

I find this to be one of the best topics I have read in a long time. I have rented a booth along with CRPA for the last two home and garden shows in Solano County. At the booth all I do is hand out CCW applications and tell people how easy it is to get a CCW. There is also a seminar offered in completing the packet and GC statements. The response I hear most are that you can't get a CCW in California.

What my experience has shown me is people don't take the time to go through the process. I've handed out over 200 applications and only seen 14 people attend the seminar from the home and garden shows. I don't take that as a deterant as I readily pay my part of the booth and happily will stand there handing out applications and trying to educate the public.

The outdoor show has been a great venue as there are thousands of people who attend and suprisingly many are willing to listen. Some join the CRPA and yes there is always the one or two anti gun owers who say stupid things.

What is needed is more folks having informational booths at these types of events Vs gun shows. We need to target folks outside the gun community and educate them and offer services to make applying for the CCW easier.
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