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Originally Posted by CitaDeL View Post
I'd like to address the introduction of this terminology- 'virtual shall issue'. Stop using it. It is a meaningless bull**** term to make gun owners feel better in precisely the same way 'assault weapon' makes anti-gunners feel better.

<yada, yada, yada>
Um, sorry about getting your panties in a bunch. Feel free to call it what you want, just as I will.

Originally Posted by CitaDeL View Post
I dont really see how that helps advance issuance, frankly.

If the number of license holders is to be expanded, it will need to be organized on a county by county basis, offering assistance to applicants <snip>
I should have mentioned that not only will increasing the number of CCWs in a county help ensure that pro-CCW sheriffs get elected at the county level, but it will also get more people in the legislative districts in that county interested in RKBA legislation at the state level, and thus help in Sacto by possibly making RKBA an issue in state Assembly and Senate races (or recalls, per what happened in Colorado this week).

All of the things you mentioned that need to get eliminated: I agree. But the project to increase the # of CCWs statewide should NOT wait until that happens. But can happen at the same time as separate projects.
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