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Originally Posted by smittty View Post
I owned both the 3" sp101 and G30 and the G30 feels like it has less recoil. i think a combination of it being a semi-auto and polymer frame makes it feel softer.

Also I find the 45acp has a slower "boomy" recoil were the 357mag has a sharp recoil that stings a bit.
That has been my experience as well.

Here is a good vid. on the SP101 4", what I would recommend as the revolver choice... a very good one.

Ruger Four-Inch 357 Magnum SP101 Double-Action Kit Gun

But it won't carry like the G36.

The Glock design put most of the mass in the slide, so the recoil tends to be straight back before the Bbl. starts up. The std. 230 gr. .45 ACP is a low-pressure round and is softer to shoot out of my G36 than 180 gr. .40 out of my G23, almost the same wt. and form-factor pistol.

For most of your needs the std. 230 gr. will serve you well, but if you want 5" Bbl. 1911 performance out of this little dog, you need to go to a 230 gr. "+P" load.

The good thing is that they are usually the same price as the std. stuff in a Tactical load like the outstanding 230 gr. Federal HST round.

The not-so-good thing is that the recoil profile goes up into that of the higher energy .40 rounds. Manageable and comfortable, but a little more exciting.

The key to any Glock is how you hold it.

I call it "raw-egg", like shaking a raw egg really hard in your hand. Firm but gentle grip w/ a maximum of low-pressure contact area. Don't Break it - Don't Drop it. Then smooth trigger and let the pistol do its thing.

Either the Ruger 4" or the G36 would be a good choice. Pick the one the sings to ya.
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