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Originally Posted by trooper357 View Post
OK, I think the Glock .45 may be the right gun. Especially if you have a critter ot one of those two legged numskulls are ready to attack. I like the idea of getting several shots off quickly with the same trigger pull over the revolver. I think the light weight is also a big factor along with shorter overall length for hiking and fishing. Only question is how bad is recoil with the .45ACP ? Would it be worse or better than say the Ruger SP101 3" .357mag?
I owned both the 3" sp101 and G30 and the G30 feels like it has less recoil. i think a combination of it being a semi-auto and polymer frame makes it feel softer.

Also I find the 45acp has a slower "boomy" recoil were the 357mag has a sharp recoil that stings a bit.

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