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Originally Posted by ja308 View Post
We need Ed Royce in congress! He has been a 2A hero for decades and unless I missed something he should win re-election.

Those who want a progun republican should call his office and request he run one more time!

Local office is 714 255 0101.
Mr. Royce so utterly bungled his response to my concerns about the incidents which lead to the fatal shooting of Robert Lavoy Finicum*. Mr. Royce seemed befuddled of my position opposing the Hughes Amendment. And now this. I make a point of including in all my contacts with any elected legislator a call for action, to either vote yea or nay on whatever legislation action is at hand.

Whether it is himself or his office staff (district and D.C. offices), it is Mr. Royce who is elected therefore responsible. I understand being ignored, but the botched responses are too much.

I mean, look at the first sentence of his response as shown in the OP. For Pete's sake, how could he conclude I was in support of the bill when I asked that he remove himself as co-sponsor and vote nay on the Curbelo bill?

Shockingly, surprisingly Dianne Feinstein gave a better response to my concerns. However, she too missed the mark, only less so than Mr. Royce.

I am very fiscally and socially conservative. Yet Mr. 'A' rating seems to not serve me - a constituent - as he doesn't even properly or fairly respond in any of my multiple contacts over the years.

*More in line with my conclusion is the use of the term 'murder' however I did not include that in any of my contacts due to the possibility it would be perceived as inflammatory.
“The instruments by which governments must act are either the authority of the laws or force. If the first be destroyed, the last must be substituted; and where this becomes the ordinary instrument of government there is an end to liberty!”- Alexander Hamilton

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