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Well, crap.

I do have police reports and so on. But considering they have been ongoing and repetitive every time this goober gets out of jail, I hope that will be enough. The thing is, currently he is IN jail as a result of crimes and the threats.

I for one would prefer to have a CCW BEFORE he gets out again to make more recent threats. I wish I could afford to leave CCC and go back to Placer CO, where the Sherriff is surprisingly more liberal than what we have in CCC, but actually grants CCW permits. Not anytime soon, but maybe.

Little hope that I will get one, but it's worth a try. Again, I will let you all know.

Originally Posted by vandal View Post
You have police report documentation of the threats? Thatís the only way they count.

Have you looked through the old docs to see how many permits were issued to people using credible threats as their good cause? Sure that was under Rupf but I donít know just how much has changed.

I suspect that credible threats wonít be enough... just due to the length of the whole process, if the threats were that credible and immediate youíd be dead before you got issued. And if they arenít immediate....

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