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Scoped 44 magnum and low profile. Makes about as much sense as common sense gun laws

Seriously though, SHTF scenarios and EOTWAWKI are different. SHTF like natural disasters and the like isnt the end of society, just temporary chaos and uncertainty. Last thing Id want is a hand cannon. Id want pure self defense which means highest cap 9 I own. Or my 1911. Or maybe Id go a 4 357. Some thing I could carry easily, have some back up ammo, get to and from wherever I needed, get to home, etc. there Id have heavier firepower to defend the castle.

In the event of societal breakdown and longer term youre on your own then maybe itd be a decent choice. Preferably Id take a 44 carbine and a 9mm on the hip. Or maybe a 18 bolt 308 scout type rifle and 9mm on the hip. But in that case, if you live in a populated area, there aint gonna be much to hunt.
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