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Originally Posted by Quiet View Post
If the "Tribal Police" is not Bureau of Indian Affairs certified and they did not send you to FLETC for training, then they are just security guards.
Only a few "Tribal Police" in CA are BIA certified.
Majority are just security and require BSIS guard (gun/baton) cards.
Some of which require POST as a requirement for employment, but they are still just security.
While most are considered Security, and all carry security certification for off the Reservations or open reservations (IE. Pala) Closed reservations have a better option to enact their own "Law Enforcement Personnel" and do not have to be CA POST or BIA. That department and its officers have criminal jurisdiction over all Tribal members and non-member indians on their land. So my interpretation of this is that they may no be sworn peace officers, but that they are a type if law enforcement officer. Please refer to 25USC sec. 1301 which is pursuant to PL280.

So you may think they are security guards, which you are correct, most Tribal Public safety is security, but NOT ALL are just security.

Another thing, to the OP: do understand that tribal officers are not covered the same as peace officers per LEOSA or the LEOBR regardless of the agencys standing unless the agency is POST or BIA.

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