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Don't do it. I get you want to get a foot in the door, use it as a stepping stone to bigger, better things. The problem is, the politics are outrageous (such as standing orders to NOT spot light specific houses regardless of the nature... Guess what house the dirtbags would hangout at???). They are NOT your friends, and they will turn on you the 1st chance they get. They will lie to get their "enemies" (Family one second, enemy the next), then recant after an arrest is made.

If you do go, invest in a good audio recorder, AND a HD MUVI Pro for video. They will save your job, and possibly your ability to work for a better department.

POST made a video regarding PL280. It only made things worse and more convoluted.

As far as enforcement goes (as I understand it), the S.O. is primary for any felonious crime in progress, but has the authority to enforce any misdemeanor in progress, or any infraction that is a threat to public safety. If it's cold, it's supposed to go to Tribal PD, unless it's a violent crime (property goes to tribal). If there is no tribal pd, then S.O. handles it all. Again, this is my understanding of it, but when our DSA requested, in writing, several times, for formal training on the subject, we were shot down every time without an answer.

Traffic violations however (CVC 4000, 12500, Etc.) are not enforceable.

At my last department, this was the worst part of my job. Tribal wouldn't do **** because they knew we had standing orders to take any and all calls. They would cop shop all the time, so when they had some kind of civil dispute, they would call both departments hoping something would happen.

Just be careful man.
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