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I'm white and the attitude towards those that work LE for the Reservations is about the same for a White guy as it is to the Native Americans that I worked alongside.

If you look into Native American history, the big issued is the Government. They have screwed the Native Americans over time and time again, lie after lie. So when it comes to Government agencies, outside agency or their own tribal agency, they see the uniform and most give you a quick *FU This is my Rez, you work for me* speil. And for outside agencies, you get the *This is a PL280 state, You cant be here*

Its its own breed of LE. It would be nice to be thought of a little better by outside agencies even though most tribal departments are not POST. Then again, not all are very good tribal LE departments.

Do your research into Native American history. Educate yourself. Some colleges offer Native American history classes. I know my local college in Menifee has one. That's the best thing to do if you DO decide to work for a Tribal Agency.

All in all, you don't get into LE to be liked. Thick skin, instincts, and good verbal skills. Thats all I have to say.

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