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Come on TTM, I'm not trying to make you look bad or bash you. I've said nothing but good things. You're reputation and product quality are second to none in the industry. You're the only vendor I recommend and buy from, and that won't stop (unless you ban me from the site ��)

I support you because you support us. CGF gets some $$ to fight for our rights, I get a quality product, and you get some cash. We all win.

As for taking some responsibility, you know I have, but I'll go public with that. My last email to you sums up my feelings on the situation. Thanks again for the awesome products.


Target Man,

Ok, I'll budge. It is my fault that I contacted you 49 days after receiving the package. It was a busy time at the end of the year and carried over into January. Schedules were full, and I had no available time to work on the target range, so the targets sat in the garage boxed up. I couldn't tell anything was missing, the box certainly felt heavy enough. Obviously it would have been a good idea to verify the contents, but I guess I made the wrong assumption that everything was in the box. The day finally came when my buddy and I had time to go setup some more targets on the range. The box was opened, the wrong targets were shipped, and there was no IPSC. It was a bummer that we couldn't setup more targets that day, but we still had fun with the other gongs.

At this point, I'm not trying to make a return, so the 10-day return policy is moot. We already settled the exchange, which you were more than kind enough to do, well past the return policy, and I thank you for that. I am simply trying to get what I paid for, which was $119 worth of targets. At this time, I still only have $74.99 worth of targets. It sucks for both of us, and there were mistakes on both ends. I should have checked the contents of the package when received, and you should have made sure the correct order was shipped. If the correct order had been shipped, then we wouldn't be sending these emails.

I'm sorry for having to post a thread on CalGuns, I don't want to hurt your rep, but I sincerly thought I was being purposefully ignored. I wanted to establish dialogue, and found that to be my best next step. It's not about making you look bad, it's about making things right.


And I am sorry if you think this was about hurting you guys, that was never my intent. I'm a happy customer and would like to move on to enjoying your products.

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