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Originally Posted by Mooseeyes View Post
In my county (Tuolumne) they require that all listed guns on the original application be on the list at the time of the application. No such requirement is made for subsequent renewals. Also, I am pretty sure if you later add a gun to an existing permit, they require that the added gun be on the list when the addition is made. In time, I think we will be able to get this changed here.

An interesting side note is that I can have my Kimber .45 listed on my CCW showing .45/.22 allowing me to carry my Kimber with either my .45 slide or with my .22 conversion slide. This effectively gives me 4 on my CCW: Kimber .45/.22; XD-9; and, Rugar LCP .38
Hit Wildhawker with a PM, he will probably be interested to learn this.
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Sacramento would declare martial law sooner than they'd meet with Gandhi, Gautama Budda, and Jesus Christ if the three were packing heat.
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Even people not from San Francisco can appreciate a good public spanking like this.
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