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I picked up my CCW yesterday.

Details of the process:

I attended the CCW class given by at Mother Lode Gun Club. They explain that cause can be simply for protection but recommend a secondary explanation. Also, up to 9 guns can be listed on the permit. Only 4 will show on the card, but they will be on the permit. So it is recommended that the ones most likely to be carried be in the first 4.

I turned in the paperwork at the Sheriff's Dept. along with $110.50.

Interview. No big deal. I think mostly they want to see you are normal.

I went to the satellite office in Jamestown to be fingerprinted. It took just a few minutes.

I received a letter stating that I have been approved and to come and pick it up, which I did right away. I had to pay $70.25.

When I picked it up I asked if I could add another gun to the permit. I am to call in two weeks and then pay $12. I also changed the order in which the guns are to be listed.

A little over 3 months start to finish.
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