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Default LTC and school... little confused

It seems like everything that I have found is pointing towards "ltc holders are exempt from the gun free school zone" and can carry their permitted gun in school zones (unless specifically noted on their ltc).

Am I understanding that correctly? Any other stipulations?

Couple of questions.

Let's say that I have my concealed permit and want to be a volunteer at my kids school.... I have to go in for a live scan in order to be approved to volunteer, so will the school officials be notified that I have the permit? Can they possibly not allow me to volunteer or ask me to not come on campus with my gun? Could they put restrictions on how I volunteer (like driving classmates for field trips)? Can they do that legally? If I am asked to not be on campus with it and am caught with it somehow, is it a legal matter... more severe than let's say getting caught in a Safeway that has a "no guns" sign on the door?
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