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Originally Posted by trooper357 View Post
That's a thought with the G23 in .40 S&W. It's close in bullet size yet the gun is compact VS full size. I'll have to try both the G20 and G23 and see which fits me better. Thanks for the suggestion. I had also considered the G19 9mm but I really want a little more knockdown power.
The G23 is a really nice combination for a field pistol.

I just got Two more for my Boys.

W/ 180 gr. HST it's a good stopper, w/ 180 gr. TMJ it'll punch through the brisket of a big hog. I carry a mag of each in the field and load'em as need be.

Shootable uncovered too. (although I wouldn't make a casual habit of it)

I'd sure like to see Glock come out w/ a .40 slimline based on the G36. Just use the same top end as the G23 but bevel the muzzle end, and stuff Nine (yes, I tried it) .40's into a modified std. G36 sized mag and frame.

I would buy a case of'em.
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