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Originally Posted by trooper357 View Post
Ok, I am going to look at some guns today. The gun store has a bunch of Glocks so first thing I want to do is fit it to my hand. I have average to small hands for being 6' tall. Next, is weight but I think they all are fairly light except maybe the larger 45's. So I am thinking the .357 or 10mm models. I do want a 4" barrel as I think they might have a little more velocity than the 3.46 or 3.78 inch. While still wanting to keep the gun compact and light for hiking/fishing, I want some fire power for protection. Kind of thinking the G32 for a .357mag. Then G20 for a 10mm but I really think it may be too big. I like the compact size and the sub-compact I think is too small but I won't know for sure until I put one in my hand.
The .357 SIG is NOT a .357 magnum. Just get that straight before you buy one.

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