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Default Maverick 88 or Mossberg 500 combo?

Not to beat a dead horse here, but looking for a "cheap" (in price) shotgun, on the Mossberg platform.... not looking for Hawk, Pardner, CD, etc.

No mods planned for it except for a Hogue Tamer forend and PGO grip that I already have for the Mossberg gun, which will fit onto the Mav 88. I know the slide assembly needs to be purchased if I put the forend on either gun. The gun will sit in the closet 99% of the time for HD use. The other 1% use will be at the range, possibly once every few months, if that.

With that said, is the Maverick 88 for $199 a good enough deal? Or is it worth spending an extra $50-$60 for the Big 5 Mossberg 500 combo? (I'd probably end up selling the 28" barrel, if that matters). What's the advantage/pro for spending that extra $50, besides having the 'Mossberg' name (even though Maverick is still technically made by Mossberg and says so on it)?

Just looking for some opinions.
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