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Interesting this is coming up. I've been looking to get better ejection on my G19. I have over 200 rds on my G17 and over 350 on my G19. The G17 ejects at 4-5 o'clock reliably (at least in 200 rds) but I get an occasional soft eject onto my arm with my compact. The G17 has a flat extractor with LCI and a non-LCI spring loaded bearing (slightly longer than the LCI SLB). My G19 has a dipped extractor (LCI) with a LCI SLB. I need to order a non-LCI SLB to try with the G19 to see if that helps. Both have the Gen4 ejector (30274).

I also noticed carbon build up in the area where the extractor grabs the brass on both. I used a pocket knife to carefully scrape it off on both.
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