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Originally Posted by FourLoko View Post
Crap, just had a long post going and hit back on accident.

I think they're just confused about what they're trying to ban. Instead of just letting her rip with Golden Tiger again I tried to get the issue clarified. Asked two different RSOs and got similar but not definitive answers. Only one mentioned anything about fire danger. It's clear they don't want steel core damaging the steel targets which makes sense.

It's evident they don't really know what bi-metal jacketed is because one RSO just keep saying "I can't tell" the magnet this and that, blah blah blah. The damn GT box says "Lead Core."

They (RSOs) did have an AK out and they were testing some 7.62x39 all copper reloads so that they can start selling them. Again, in the shack where you pay to shoot, boxes of Brown Bear and the giant box of Wolf. So dumb.

I have no interest in paying for their overpriced reloads just to shoot there. Banning bi-metal ammo really kills any incentive for choosing Oaktree over Angeles Range. I'm sure they don't care though, they're rolling in dough from all of the "Living Social" groups that show up and shoot for 30 minutes and leave.

In any case, I vacated the rifle range and headed to the pistol bays with my AK and my GT. No RSO, perfect. Target up. Loaded up. Lots of fun and no fires. Went through about 120 rounds. RSO came by mid session, didn't say a word about ammo and was on his way.

That's how it should be. I love this gun but it saddens me that the cheap ammo is becoming more and more useless around here.

Oaktree was my AK spot... now it's going to cost the same as the AR, maybe more to shoot the AK now. It looks like Raahauge's is the only spot left with no ammo restrictions. I need to stock up on Yugo M67.

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