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Originally Posted by djandj View Post
What (if any) changes to these make to the existing policy. These all seem similar to what we already know.
Some of the earlier rifle classes did not stress the part about target needs to be 50ft or further, or the rifle card really is for you and you only. Putting those in clear writing can avoid any future arguments.

Originally Posted by maschronic
i wasn't aware that if we lose our rifle card, that we have to retake the class again.
Since we currently do not implement a system to keep track of your rifle card, we don't know if your card is simply lost, expired, or revoked, thus we now require you to take the class again. If you left the card at our range (where that's usually how people "lost" their card), we usually have that in our lost and found box and you can retrieve it without having to take the class again. As far as I can recall, there were IDs, membership cards, rifle cards, a passport and once upon a time, a green card!
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